Nowadays, there are a lot of similar antivirus suites on the market. Therefore, it is very difficult for a user, having zero knowledge of antivirus, to find out which one is the best. Keeping personal data safe is the major concern of modern internet users. Presently, most of the antivirus provides safety while browsing but that doesn’t mean you are 100% protected with specific software.

Total AV is a comparatively new antivirus that is available in both free and paid versions. Total AV is the most affordable antivirus solution in the market and even its free version also ensures that your system/device is well-protected. Total AV antivirus provides market-leading security to its users. This antivirus is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. So, we can say that Total AV is the most reasonable and adaptable antivirus solution in the market. With Total AV antivirus you even get best customer support service for that you just have to contact TotalAV antivirus help centre.


As stated earlier that Total AV antivirus is the most feasible antivirus solution that keeps your devices protected even in the free version. Now, let’s take a look at what total AV is best for:

  • Users looking for affordable antivirus solutions in the market.
  • Inexperienced users who are searching for intuitive antivirus.
  • Old-time computers with limited resources to spare.
  • Looking for satisfactory malware or spyware protection.

The certified & experienced team of technicians work in the best way to deliver a completely personalize solution for multiple issues related to your Total AV antivirus. We cover a vast range of technical issues users face with Total AV antivirus and also help you optimizing your system’s speed while enhancing its performance to a satisfactory level.


Total AV antivirus is very easy to download and install, you just have to create an account to use the software. Even if you are using a free version then also you have to create an account. Moreover, before installing the software it will take up to 5 minutes to update the antivirus base. The overall installation process will take about 10-12 minutes.

  • Free Version Download: If you are downloading the free version of TotalAV antivirus then you just have to click on the download tab to start downloading. You have to select the version that is suitable for your operating system. For example: If you are having Windows 7 on your computer, you have to select TotalAV free download for Windows 7.
  • Premium Version Download: The procedure is the same for the premium version. The only difference in both the version is the purchasing process as in premium version you have to select the package you want to purchase.


Just like any other antivirus software, TotalAV also comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Given below are the advantages of TotalAV:
  • Provides strong protection against malicious URLs.
  • Gives strong phishing protection.
  • Designed with user-friendly apps for all the four platforms
  • Provides an impressive range of optimization tools
  • Even the free version keeps the device well-protected.
  • Complete scanning is quick
  • Provides 24x7 customer protection with Antivirus Helpdesk
Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of TotalAV:
  • Only the paid versions provide advanced firewall protection.
  • Free version doesn’t provide real-time protection.
  • Quick scanning takes up to 15 minutes to complete.


TotalAV antivirus is available for all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. TotalAv antivirus runs very smoothly even if the system is outdated and does not require an excellent CPU to perform. It consumes only 20 MB of RAM and does not put any strain on the processor. So, TotalAV is the least troublesome software in the market.

TotalAV hardly uses pop-ups to inform the users about the available threats, updates, etc. So, along with Webroot and Avast, TotalAV is also the leader with respect to the usage of system resources.


Given below are the features of TotalAV antivirus:
  • Malware Protection: TotalAV comes with an advanced anti-malware engine that blocks all the malicious software that are harmful to your computer. It is the best antivirus with daily virus definition updates, real-time antivirus protection and virus detection rate of 89%.
  • Real-Time Protection: TotalAV real-time protection monitors your device all the time. It scans your files, installs and executables for viruses every time when you download or run them.
  • Password Vault: TotalAV password vault helps you store, organize and retrieve all your login credentials securely. While using the password vault for the first time you have to create a master password and it is stored in your computer in encrypted form. So, if you forgot the master password you will be locked out of your password vault forever.
  • System Tune-Up: System tune-up in TotalAV allows your system to run smoothly. It frees your disk space by deleting unnecessary data and obsolete software from your system.
  • Safe Site: Safe site in TotalAV analyzes your browsing sites and blocks phishing or spoofed sites. Phishing sites are those sites that look like real websites and steal your personal data. It also helps you to use some security features within your browser.
  • Use Interface: TotalAV comes with a well-designed, bug-free and attractive user interface. It has been designed with colourful buttons and menus which grab the attention of the users. When you go to the main screen you can easily access all the TotalAV’s features through six large buttons and the sidebar helps you to navigate over the application.


Even in a free version, TotalAV provides a great deal of performance to the Mac users. TotalAV is a great option if you are looking for a cheap affordable antivirus for your Mac version. Even if you are using the free version of the antivirus it will keep your device well-protected against malware, ransomware and phishing emails. Scanning will take up to 15 minutes to complete which is quite fast than other antivirus options available for Mac users. So, TotalAV is highly compatible with Mac and provides fast and effective system scanning with low or zero impact.


Total AV is the most reasonable antivirus solution in the market and even its free version also ensures that your system/device is well-protected. Total AV antivirus provides market-leading security to its users.

As stated earlier that Total AV antivirus is the most feasible antivirus solution that keeps your devices protected even in the free version. It is best as it provides most affordable antivirus solution, can work even on old-time computers and provides satisfactory malware or spyware protection.

TotalAV antivirus provides system scan, quick scan, quarantine and real-time scan to ensure safety of the system. It provides features that block malicious URLs, protect your passwords, allow your system to work properly and block phishing sites.

The free version of TotalAV provides basic protection against viruses. It does not include the advanced features for that you have to buy the premium version. TotalAV offers a 30 day trial for all the three packages i.e. Antivirus Pro, Internet Security and Total Security.

TotalAV antivirus provides protects your system from viruses, malicious softwares and hacker attacks. It provides you with three packages offer profound series of features. Furthermore, various advanced features can also be purchased to increase protection.

If you want to cancel your TotalAV subscription you can write an email to the customer support team or contact them through Support number (806) 304-3832 or live chat.


There are a lot of FAQ pages where customers can find answers to their problems. The service providers also offer tutorials and guidelines to use the services correctly. If none of the above solves your problem then you are free to contact the customer support executives via phone, email or live chat.

TotalAV experts are available 24/7 and give simple solutions to all your problems. TotalAV provides you support through emails, 24/7 live chat, Support phone, FAQs and tutorials.


Here we have the best Total AV customer support team who always tries to solve antivirus related issues as early as possible. We will provide you any information regarding TotalAV Antivirus within the time frame. We are technical experts having years of professional experience that enable us to quickly solve all your queries.

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